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Recipe Box of Memories

Robin5 Comments
Happy Heartfelt Wednesday everyone! A few years ago I got on a kick and started collecting old recipes on eBay; some came in binders and others arrived in recipe boxes. I was always questioning why someone would sell a family recipe collection. I have all of my moms recipes, handwritten, clipped from magazines and when she was learning to type, she practiced on recipe cards. Each recipe brings back so many memories, some we actually made and others were saved for another day, still unmade to this day. But no way can I throw them away, these were mom's tools and I still use her 1950's McCall's Pumpkin Pie recipe every year! For me recipes are memories...
I guess most people don't use recipe boxes anymore, this wood box was not impossible to find, but it did take a bit of looking; I finally found it on Amazon! I covered it with the latest release from Heartfelt Creations, the Farmers Market Collection!
So, go get yourself a recipe box, personalize it in your own style, fill it with family memories and pass it on to the next generation!
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